2020 Virtual Procession Broadcast

The San Francisco Day of the Dead Ritual Procession is an annual celebration of death, rebirth, and the cycle of life. Founded in 1982 by El Colectivo Del Rescate Cultural, the Day of the Dead Ritual Procession is a historical and traditional practice that honors the value of our ancestors and celebrates the tenets of peace, love and unity.

The legacy of the San Francisco Ritual Procession gives a collective voice to its participants, its community, curiosity seekers, art lovers, tourists, political activists, dancers, musicians, and many others. It ratifies the cultural significance of the Mexican Day of the Dead, its practices, and the lives and struggles of the Chicano/Latino community, while inviting people of all cultural backgrounds to join in this important cultural practice.

The San Francisco Day of the Dead Ritual Procession is a drug- and alcohol-free, family-friendly community event. We invite all cultures to join us in honoring those who have passed on.

Since our founding, El Colectivo Del Rescate Cultural’s guiding motto has been:

(Our Dead Are Not For Sale)

No city, state, federal, nor corporate-branding funding is accepted. This has been the case since our inception, more than three decades ago, in order to maintain our integrity of being a true grassroots organization and without being beholden to political or consumerist demands on our mission of producing an authentic Ritual Procession as closest to our Meso-American and Mexican roots. 

2019’s Ritual Procession