Since 1982, the San Francisco Day of the Dead Ritual Procession has invited the public to honor the dead every November 2nd in San Francisco’s Mission District. Over the past 38 years, many groups have joined us in sharing their own cultural traditions in a celebration of life honoring our ancestors.

This Ritual Procession goes beyond the idea of a mass spectacle, instead encouraging mass participation. This mass participation informs the survival of our ancient way of life. This process combines the ancient with the ordinary components of the everyday, tapping into the past and simultaneously reaching into the future. This is the journey of all participants of the Ritual procession, past, present, and future.

Join us every November 2nd as we honor the dead, honor our cultural traditions, and honor the tenets of peace, love and unity.

About El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural

El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural is the organizing entity of the annual San Francisco Day Of The Dead Ritual Procession. We are a working group whose values uphold unique segments of a Mexican tradition and cultural expression. El Colectivois not beholden to any one or any external interests – throughout the past four decades, it has become the life work of its major adherent: Juan Pablo Gutiérrez. He emphatically accentuates “¡nuestros muertos no se venden!” (Our dead are not for sale.) For the past three decades, El Colectivo Del Rescate Cultural, largely depends on individual contributions, and does not accept city, state, federal, nor corporate funding. The legacy of the San Francisco Ritual Procession gives a collective voice to its participants, its community, curiosity seekers, art lovers, tourists, political activists, dancers, musicians, and many others. It ratifies the cultural significance of the Mexican Day of the Dead, its practices, and the lives and struggles of the Chicano/Latino community.