2020 Virtual Procession

This year, to avoid crowds and prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are offering a virtual night of invocations and ceremony, led by our host Juan Pablo Gutierrez LIVE from Mission Neighborhood Center’s courtyard, featuring Aztec danzantes from the group Coyolxauhqui.

We will also be premiering a series of videos with interviews, spiritual demonstrations and healing exercises to deal with grief and invoque the ancestors, led by spiritual practitioners and cultural workers from our Mission community.

In the sacred Aztec calendar, Monday November 2, 2020 honors Acatl (the Reed) which represents the scepter of authority. Accordingly, this is a good day to seek justice and a bad day to act against others.

The 2020 Virtual Ritual Procession honors the memory of:

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and all people of color dead from police violence

Vanessa Guillén, 20 year old U.S. Army soldier, killed in April of 2020, Fort Hood, Texas

The people and animals who died as a result of California’s 2020 fires

Those who have died from COVID-19

Public servants who died in the line of duty

Those dead as a result of racial terror and ethnic cleansing

All persons who died this year

All companion animals who died this year

The Annual San Francisco Day of the Dead Ritual Procession that takes place on November 2 in the Mission District is a project of El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural (Rescue Culture Collective), with the support of community and cultural workers. The procession director since 1989 has been Juan Pablo Gutiérrez.