El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural exercises an Aztec calendar-derived process of Tonali recognition which then thematically becomes the symbolic life-force that defines a particular year’s means of honoring the dead.

This Ritual Procession goes beyond the idea of a ‘mass spectacle’, instead it becomes ‘mass participation’ by those present. Hence, the community-wide experience becomes an extended ritual using ancient ascriptions in a modern world. The whole practice counters Western traditions of honoring the dead which may seem to be simple in depiction yet it is complex as it is based in an intricate Meso-American belief structure known to very few individuals.

The formation of El Colectivo del Rescate Cultural gave genesis to the practice of the annual Day of the Dead Ritual Procession, which is a historical and traditional practice that brings and honors the value of the ancestors, guiding and transmitting the tenets of peace, love and unity.

Additionally, for Chicanos and Latinos living in the US, and in San Francisco,
the Ritual Procession:
• Brings forward the preservation and the importance of the continued development
of the cultural and ancestral contributions in the community.
• Creates awareness of the role of the indigenous cultural practices and traditions that make up the rich base of Chicanos and Latinos in the SF community and which are part of the cultural fabric as well as a vehicle of healing, convening and self-preservation.
• Embodies the architectural, cultural and deep historical roots of our community within the shared La Raza and Indigenous identity. It merits historic preservation and deserves to be honored and protected as such.
• Sheds light on human rights and political issues in a manner that is culturally sensitive and evolutionary.
• Is a concept and practice of “La Cultura Cura”, a pillar and the reason for the preservation of the Ritual Possession.